About Us

Our history

Essential Health is owned and run by husband and wife, Jeremy and Caroline Hill who have over 35 years combined experience. We share an enthusiasm for health and science, providing personalized care, attention to detail and a focus on helping our patients simply be motivated to get healthier.

We provide evidence-based lifestyle changes focusing on nutrition and lifestyle interventions.   PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer homeopathy, iridology, electro-dermal screening, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, kinesiology, faith healing, crystals, auras, chakras, flower essences, fad diets, nor ear candling. 

We believe vaccinations are necessary, we encourage you to utilize your medical doctor as needed and we believe that anyone selling nutritional products and advice should be qualified to do so. It is common for many first-time clients visiting us, to be taking huge quantities of un-necessary supplements, that are doing little to help.

Our ultimate goal is to help people to make the right nutritional and lifestyle choices to improve their health and prevent the many different chronic diseases that affect so many today.


Nutrition-related disease

% of cases in the US population that could be avoided by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle

Heart Disease


Type 2 Diabetes




Colon Cancer


Willett 2008


If you are looking for a balanced approach to better health, wellbeing and disease prevention, then Essential Health can help.  We also offer varying appointments depending on whether you just want symptom relief or you want to begin addressing diet and lifestyle, or perhaps you are ready for a total wellness commitment.
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