We have different appointment options available.

  • Symptom Care – Just 15 minutes, this appointment is aimed purely at symptom-relief, or for those needing just a quick check-in.
    • Corrective / Keeping Well  - This appointment looks at potential underlying factors that may be contributing to your problem/s and make up almost all of our appointments. Dietary and Lifestyle interventions are reviewed and recommended. 1hr is recommended initially to gather as much information as possible, followed by 30 minute follow-ups.



    • Healthy Ageing Appointment:  Ageing obviously happens to everyone, but how rapidly our body ages depends on many factors. Genes certainly have a role to play, but regardless of the genes you have been dealt, there are many factors that we know will speed up the process, and due to great research in this area, many lifestyle and dietary influences that will slow it down. The overall aim is to reduce the chronic diseases that so commonly occur in our ageing population.
    • Nutrition Appointment: Knowledge about healthy nutrition is confusing! With so many fad diets out there giving conflicting information and advice, this appointment finds out what you understand about nutrition and then fills in the gaps, corrects the myths and teaches you what you need to know to eat a balanced diet, ensure good nutrition and make the right choices when it comes to the health of you and your family. **Highly recommended** This appointment can also form the beginning of our 6 week Nutrition Program.
    • Men's Health: Research shows that Australian men are often less proactive about addressing any health concerns until they become chronic problems. We have a whole bunch of experience and simple proactive strategies to test for and address the underlying causes of a range of men’s health issues.
    • Women’s Health:  Women are often looking after kids, husbands, working hard and not always looking after themself! This appointment looks at potential problem area’s for women, that we examine together including pathology tests as needed to give a thorough review of health and get a plan for preventative health priority.
    • Preconception Care:  Before conception is the ideal time for both partners to de-stress, to boost health, nutrition and fertility, prepare for pregnancy and ensure optimal health or sperm, egg and prospective parents.
    • Pregnancy Program:  Although it is well known that pregnant women take a folic acid supplement, it is less well known that many other deficiencies can occur during pregnancy. Nutritional requirements increase significantly and it is the time to consolidate healthy eating (not eating for two!) to improve birth weight, reduce the incidence of birth complications and optimize your pregnancy at this exciting time.
    • Weight Loss Appointment:  Our Body Composition computerized equipment takes the guesswork out of weight loss. This appointment will include a measurement of your muscle, fat and fluids so you will have very accurate information for a successful program. Whilst you are free to then ‘go it alone’ with your results and program, most people choose to be guided and measured with our equipment as changes occur.
    • Overview Appointment:  Let your health slide a little lately? Perhaps you need a good nudge in the right direction? This appointment is a way of helping you get back on track. Have base parameters rechecked, your diet lifestyle and exercise reviewed and receive a Program to implement to have you motivated and ready to be energized for a fresher, healthier direction.
    • Health Awareness Appointment:  Have no idea whether we could even help? Think you’re pretty healthy but not really sure? This appointment looks at base parameters to see where your health is at and whether any particular area/s need special attention.
    • Re-energize Appointment – feeling tired and not sure why? This appointment aims to work out how best to increase your energy as quickly as possible. Together, we will look at whether your hormones or thyroid may be playing a part, or whether attention needs to be focused toward nutritional deficiencies, mitochondrial dysfunction, glycemic control or inflammatory load. We have a comprehensive checklist to rule in/out the many areas that can play havoc on our energy levels.